Qutb Minar Victory Tower - New Delhi, India - 10 November 2014

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The Qutb Minar complex is dominated by the spectacular Qutb Minar, a soaring Afghan-style victory tower and minaret, erected by sultan Qutb-ud-din in 1193 to proclaim his supremacy over the vanquished Hindi rulers of Qila Rai Pithora. Ringed by intricately sandstone bands bearing verses of the Quran, the tower stands nearly 73m high and tapers from a 15m diameter base to a mere 2.5m at the top.




The tower has five distinct storeys with projecting balconies, but Qutb-un-din only completed the first level before being unfortunately impaled on his saddle while playing polo. His successors completed the job, and kept up the work on restoration and maintenance through the centuries.