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Edinburgh Marriott

Question asked by brightlybob on Dec 2, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2018 by flexibletravels

Excellent public transport makes this a great choice




A pretty inauspicious start, from the exterior this looks a typical 70's low rise building a few miles outside the city centre. But inside all is well kept and clean, rooms completely brand consistent. Beds very comfy. Lounge is open 06:00-24:00 7 days/week with very good breakfast offerings 6:30-10:30 (11 at weekends) and evening snacks, beer and wine 18:00-20:00. Food selection is strong, couple of beers, red and white wine. It's a good sized lounge and is manned during breakfast and evening service. [Edit - Exec lounge closed down in 2017. This property no longer has an exec lounge]. The bar is nicely set out and bar food good.

The hotel is really easy to reach both from the airport and the train station on the airport express. In Waverley station follow the signs for Waverley bridge exit. You'll walk up a ramp to exit the station and the airport express bus stop (#100) is across the road at the end of the ramp... The bus takes 20 mins and is only £1.50, get off at the Maybury stop, the bus PA system makes the journey easy to follow. It runs every 10 mins meaning getting to and from the hotel is a breeze. Furthermore, the tram work has finally been completed and during my stay I saw the trams running on a trial basis. They run for real in mid April. There will be a tram stop at the Gyles centre, which is the next door mall others have referred to. This will only improve the hotels connections!


All in, but especially considering its excellent public transport this makes it a very good choice whether you're looking to be in its locality, the west of the city, or in the centre itself.


Date Stayed: March 2014