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Barcelona Renaissance Fira

Question asked by brightlybob on Dec 2, 2014
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This is what Renaissance should be like. Marriott standards, individual hotel




I've stayed here twice now, once in August last year for a couple of nights and the this year over Whitsun at the end of May. Both occasions with family.


This hotel certainly treats it's elites well. Both times booked the cheapest room, both times upgraded both rooms, one from a twin to a junior suite and the other room upgraded from a king to an exec. Full breakfast is a feast from around the world and was free all week not only to me, but also my kids in the twin room. The welcome amenity was 2 beers and a lovely chocolate creation delivered promptly, water delivered each evening with the nightly turndown service.


This hotel is totally individual. Two 26 floor towers stand about 20 meters apart. In each tower are the rooms. Suspended between the two towers are walkways which are completely open to the elements at the front and lead to the 5 elevators at the rear. The elavators are glass. This is not a place for those sufering from vertigo.


The 15th floor is the restaurant, the top floor is a rooftop pool and bar. The views are from the bar are fabulous as are the rooms, either all white, or in the case of the twin bedded junior suites, all black. An element of style over function does mean that some room switches are not easy to discern but after the first night, the whole place becomes second nature. The rooftop bar is very stylish  and spacious prices are typical hotel prices and the wife's G&T was gigantic!


This hotel is scrupulously clean and the staff are the epitome of polite, attentive service. Printouts, faxes, emails and toiletry requests were all dealt with very efficiently. The navigators were both knowledgeable and helpful. Exactly as it should be!


The hotel its is in the business area of Barcelona, but a 5 minute walk from one of the major malls, "Gran Via 2" and a 2 minute walk form the metro which is a quick journey to Espanya and from there the whole of the Barcelona metro system. The best means of travel is to buy a T10 ticket which gives 10 single journeys with any necessary changes between metro, links, buses or trams for a period of 75 mins from commencement. The T10 costs €10.


This his is definitely what the Renaissance brand should be, stylish, individual and efficiently run throughout. You wouldn't know you were in a Marriott here. But you'll recognise the standards! Been twice and I will revisit. One of my favourite accessible (ie reasonably priced) hotels in the world!


Date Stayed: May 2014


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