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Paris Champs Elysees Marriott

Question asked by brightlybob on Dec 2, 2014
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Excellently positioned top Marriott




If you're looking to stay in Paris, right smack dab on the most fashionable street then  this is it. Unlike the VAST majority of hotels that incorporate the word "Elysees" in their name, this hotel has every right to claim  that title. And claim it it most certainly does, not only is it there but it also has a cafe service on the Elysees too.


Rooms are generously proportioned for any Marriott in Europe, but for Paris, smack dab in the most prime real estate, the room size is amazing! Not cheap mind, this hotel spends most of the year at well over $500/night which does make it one of the best places in the world to to redeem your points.


The whole place is immaculate and if service is a problem in France (If? IF? IFF? It most certainly is!) its not here, staff are genuinely helpful, service is a very strong plus here, especially when compared to the usual French mediocrity.


There are cheaper options in Paris, but, really, staying on the Champs Elysees should be on everyones bucket list, and here you can do it on points, I make that FREE!!!! Do it, you won't regret...


Date Stayed: September 2014