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Philadelphia Marriott

Question asked by brightlybob on Dec 2, 2014
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Solid Marriott in great location




This is a very big Marriott, 2 banks of elevations whisk you around the hotels 23 floors, the hotel exits 4 ways. It's easy to get lost at first.


The rooms are not spectacular, but spacious, very comfy with the delicious Marriott bed and scrupulously clean as one would expect with Marriott. Plenty of power sockets too.


The bar, 13 is lively as it has its own street entry meaning it's not merely a hotel bar, but a place where locals gather. It runs a 2 hour early evening "happy hour" with $3 beers, and at weekends that happy hour lasts all afternoon as well as early evening. It's an easy place to pass some very pleasant time.


The exec lounge is large and therefore didnt suffer from overcrowding during our stay, althpugh I can believe that when there's a big conference it could get very busy. It has wide food offerings for both evening and breakfast, though alas no free beer :-( Mind you that seems to be the North American way.





It's closed at weekends and is one of the few Marriotts to have an exemption from the 7-day breakfast rule at weekends, when in lieu of lounge access you receive 1000 ppints per night. I had to chase up mine though, as the hotel "forgot". You won't believe how many Marriotts "forget" the unusual bonus points, in fact in my experience only the Leeds Marriott in England keeps a proper tally!


Now, to be honest the lack of breakfast at weekends is no bad thing as it gives you an incentive to sample the fabulous breakfasts available at the next door "Reading Terminal Market". Soooo much choice, soooo delicious, especially recommend the Amish diner, fabulous pancakes and sausage.. YUM!


So there you have it, big comfy rooms right smack dab in the city centre, next to Reading Terminal Market and a covered walk to both the Conference centre and Jefferson station with a great sportsbar, strong lounge and scrupulously clean throughout. What's not to like?


Date Stayed: November 2014