Gold Questions

Discussion created by mikevoxcap on Nov 29, 2014
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Have some general questions about the Gold membership.


1) I've not had an issue before with getting free Internet access, but for the first time this trip I have noticed that the hotel offers a "free" and "exclusive" plan for Internet. The exclusive plan was about $5 a day; though, I wasn't sure if that was for the room or per-device. I called and was told that Gold membership does not get you the exclusive speed for free. Just curious why Internet access being free is a "benefit" for gold members if there is no longer a benefit to it


2) Has anyone actually had their room upgraded as part of a stay as a Gold member? I have stayed now at three separate Marriotts a total of 5 times, including this weekend for a four night stay, and have always asked for an upgrade, only to be told none are available. Twice we have been at a Marriott where there was maybe two or three cars in the parking lot. Again, not sure what the point of this benefit is if you can never get it.