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73 nights by 12/31 - can I get to platinum

Question asked by clebert on Nov 30, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2014 by zukracer

Hello everyone,


Including holiday travel, I will be at 73 nights by year end.  I have two questions:


Our last check out of the year is on Dec. 30 - charges from this last trip should be around $3000 on the Marriott card.  Is this going to get me an extra elite night and push my number from 73 to 74?


If so, should I book a cheap FFI or SHS locally and pay the $80-90 for a night that I don't need (maybe take the kids swimming for a couple of hours, not that FFI or SHS have great pools) so that I get to 75?


Or if I call MR, will they bump me to 75 as a courtesy?


Or should I stay at gold and rely on rollover nights to get to platinum next year?


I'm inclined to find a way to get to platinum because of the bonus points.  Isn't there some sort of Silver Premier status on United Airlines that comes with platinum as well?  Is that worth anything?


Any advice would be appreciated!