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Orlando area properties ...decisions ..decisions

Question asked by taxman193 on Nov 26, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2014 by vaboywnder

Tired of reading all the reviews so thought I would give this a try.

The boss (wife of course) decided to switch our planned annual Las Vegas trip in May to a Disney vacation instead. This is our vacation before our other annual vacations to Aruba and St Thomas.


Anyway, it has been a while since we have been to Orlando. We have been there a few times with our kids when they were younger and we once stayed at the Grand Vista which we enjoyed so I thought I would just reserve a room there. The rates are actually very cheap (using my MVC ownership discount code) but I was prepared to use some Marriott Reward points if needed.


Then I made the mistake of looking at some other Marriott properties and this put my small brain into a tizzy. There are some nice looking properties that I don't think were there the last time we were in Orlando.


For you experienced Orlando travelers ... I was looking at the JW Grand Lakes which made my mouth water because of the lazy river. Looks really nice and since this is just a kid free Disney trip, I could see myself floating around in that lazy river for a couple of days. Of course, the rates are much higher so I would probably use Marriott Rewards points. The only concern I have about this property is the rooms do not look very exciting. The balcony has no table and chairs and I would miss that. Not sure it is worth the points when I can get a very large one bedroom with large balcony at Grand Vista at a great rate (but then again .... no lazy river).


The other property I noticed was the Marriott Orlando World Center property. Wow ! Looks like a massive property with an assume pool area and close to the parks. But again, rates are to high so would have to use Reward points and the rooms much smaller.


I know there are many other MVC properties and some also have great rates or could use reward points.




1) Grand Vista one bedroom Villa for $114 a night... or

2) JW Grand Lakes for 140,000 points plus $25 a night for upgrade lake view room plus resort fee plus parking fee ...... or

3)  Marriott Orlando World Center for 140,000 points plus $50 a night for upgrade to poolside patio room plus resort fee and parking fee....or

4) Some other MVC property that you highly recommend


Appreciate your thoughts.