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Marriotts have a broken/unreliable reservation system?

Question asked by emergencycharlie on Nov 24, 2014

I have been an extremely avid traveller for past couple of years travelling every week for work. There are always some trips which need to be planned from start till the end.....especially which involve very senior executives travelling along with you. I have had a very poor experience in getting such executive travel planned with Marriotts. And i have experienced this issue not once but twice.  I am unwilling to believe that this is an isolated incident because it involved people who were explained over phone and through emails about the required reservation.


Has any of you been in the middle of similar botched up reservations? Did those issues resulted out of a broken/unreliable reservation system? Are Marriotts not as reliable when it comes to planning executive travel?


Currently, I am avoiding Marriotts completely till I hear otherwise about their reservation system. Your feedback will help make an important decision - Keep avoiding Marriotts and build loyalty with other hotel chain.




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