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E Certificates Expiring & Wash DC Hotel Recommendations

Question asked by bjones8162 on Nov 20, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2014 by bjones8162

So two questions in one....I am traveling to Washington DC in early December to provide a bone marrow donation at Georgetown Medical Center.  My trip is covered, but I am wanting to extend my stay one day (hotel at my expense), so I can at least do a little sight seeing while I am there.  We are Gold, and we have two E-certs for cat. 1-4 that expire in March.  As you can imagine, there are NO Cat. 1-4 hotels in DC.  I called the Elite Cust. Service to see if I might be able to combine my two certs into one worthwhile one or upgrade the cert with points.  I explained the situation to them, but no go.  So I guess I am stuck using some of my points we were saving for Hawaii to get a good hotel in DC.  Okay, finally to my questions:


  • Recommendations on a good hotel in DC for sightseeing as we will not have a car.
  • E-certs, the agent led me to believe they do extend the expiration date sometimes, but not until they are closer to expiring.  Has anyone had experience with this?  I hate to gamble & wait until they are close to expiring, but honestly I have no use for a Cat. 1-4 between now & March....
  • Also E-certs, the Marriott account is in my husbands name and the cust. service told me we could only ever use them if he was traveling with me - really???