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Courtyard - larger toiletries?

Question asked by ssindc on Nov 19, 2014
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Was it my imagination, or did I actually experience larger (more reasonably sized) Paul Mitchell shampoo (and other toiletries) bottles/packaging at my Courtyard stay this week?


I figured I had to bring this positive development to light, to the extent I recently whined about this (and other minor issues) here: Details, details ... pet peeves...  or just a grumpy old man?



Ever wonder how many of these little bottles Marriott customers consume (or take home)????  "In 2011, usage of shampoo among the four [lower end Marriott] hotel brands exceeded 23 million bottles, in addition to 15 million bottles of conditioner." - wow!!! Marriott Brands “Refresh” Guest Experience With First Ever Paul Mitchell Hotel Partnership - Marriott News Center



For more on competitive toiletries, see here: