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Car sharing - the Airbnb of rental cars?

Question asked by erc on Nov 19, 2014
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While reading our good Insider thread on car rental ideas Rental car STICKER SHOCK (yes, I am yelling!)

I came upon the following article that relates to airport car rentals and may just offer a potential/future savings

essentially the deal goes as follows; leave your car and FlightCar rents it out to other drivers (see article for issues regarding insurance etc).

I was aware of the previous operation, mentioned in the article, Relay Rides, but wasn't interested because it was essentially just a broker, allowing me to negotiate a deal with a renter - no thanks. FlightCar  does it for you. You save on airport parking and have your car washed. You are paid per mile under the targeted 75 miles per day (a pretty tight range mostly between 10 and 20 cents), based on your car model and year. If the car is driven more than an average of 75 miles per day, you get 40 cents per mile over 75.

Now I have an old enough clunker that I might even consider this idea down the road...naaah, but it's fun to dream. I can see me crossing the Canadian border and the Royal Mounted Police finding some cannabis in my trunk from my previous renter - well, at least that's my story and I'm sticking to it .

What say you Early Adopters (and you know who you are) ? Does this have a chance of working or will it be an innovative idea that leads to a revised version that becomes the norm? Can we say Napster and MySpace - (what are those? ).