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What are Your Plans Regarding Travel When You Retire?

Question asked by fschumpert on Nov 18, 2014
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My first employment after graduating from college did not involve travel; however, when I changed to another company in sales this not only involved auto, but also airplane travel, even some international trips. Hailing from a small town in S.C., I had never even thought of traveling this way, and I've been doing the same thing for some 50 years.


Back then, there were no airline "hubs", no  airline "frequent flyer" programs, no "Marriott Rewards", no need for high-security checks and luggage scanners at airports, very few remote parking sites and courtesy buses, no mobile phones or computers, and most domestic flights were via prop planes vs. jet-propelled. Travel was somewhat exciting back in the "good ole days".  IMAGINE!


Now with all the incentives, such as mentioned above, directed toward gaining repeat customers, and with many of probably high-level achievers in these programs, will your travel plans (frequency, destinations, utilization of award points, loyalty to airline-hotel-car rental brands, etc.) continue as they are now, or will you adopt new itineraries,  methods of payment, personal vs. business travel when you retire?


Or, having traveled as much as you have in past years, and understanding the growing frustrations with modern-day travel, certain age and health restrictions, do you plan to stay close to home, or reduce your international travel, devote more time to family, or not travel at all?


Self employed, I have no immediate plans to retire from my present equipment sales work entirely; however, I have reduced my travel frequency, but health permitting, will likely continue traveling some, both domestic and international. If I have to depend entirely on case purchases of airfares, hotel rooms, car rentals and meals in the near future, I'll probably cut back even more.


Just curious ......


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