Ranking Airport Dining

Discussion created by jakeal on Nov 18, 2014
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I am not usually one to get to the airport with enough time to grab food, however I will grab something on layovers which makes this list of best airport dining somewhat useful for me.  erc and vaboywnder according to this list Dulles is getting a Chef Geoff’s, Bar Symon, and District Chophouse within the next year.  iahflyr's home base comes in at #27, kharada46's home base HNL comes in at #37, jerrycoin's home base comes in at #29, bejacob's Port Columbus comes in at #40.  pluto77, californian, jm1991, misterchk and others from the West Coast have all 3 of their major airports in the top 10.


In the past month I have flown in and out of 2 of the top 12 (MSP and DEN), but did not stop at any of the places mentioned on the list.


An interesting list nonetheless . . .


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