A review of the Grosvenor House, A JW Marriott Hotel

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I've had the opportunity to stay at the Grosvenor House for the first time this week while in London.  I have previously always stayed at the County Hall, which is a fantastic property but my boss insisted we stay at the JW and who am I to argue


The Park Lane entrance is nice but if you are arriving by car you might choose to arrive at the Park Street side.  Once you arrive you'll have this for a view... very nice.  This side also puts you directly at the check in desk where jumping out on Park Lane will require a little walk through the hotel and down some stairs.  Might but a bit of a pain with luggage so ask your driver to enter this way if you have bags.



My first impression of the property was made prior to arrival when I received an email from the front desk manager asking for clarification on my reservation.  I had 2 rooms booked and they wanted to ensure they had the names of folks staying in the second room.  Impressive, its the first time I've had that happen and I do often book more than one room for coworkers.  The other nice bit was that they upgraded my rooms prior to arrival, one to a superior suite room and the other to a superior room.  Definitely a great first impressions.


They continued with this at check in.  Having arrived at the middle of the afternoon, the reception area was quite busy.  They had an elite check in desk staffed by two people so I had no queue to check in.  The staff at the JW are finely trained.  Very professional, very polite and cater to your every need.


My room was on the 5th floor and quite nice.  The living room was small but cozy while the bedroom was actually fairly good sized.  The bath room was well equipped and while the window behind the shower was a bit unnerving at first, you really couldn't see anything through it


IMG_0061 (1).JPG



One of the really nice things about this property, at least in the room I was in, it had US power plugs along with UK and EU plugs.  Made for easy charging of the laptop and other devices. 


They have just finished redoing their Executive Lounge.  I had not been to the one they had up on the 7th floor previously so I dont really have a comparison against the new one but the new one is pretty top notch.  They are however very mindful of who gains access to the lounge.  Even with both rooms booked under my Plat Prem number, they only allowed me + a guest into the lounge, even though there were 3 people staying at the property between the 2 rooms.  They also had a fairly strict "no take away" policy that I witnessed being enforced a few times.  This is one of those things to be aware of if you plan on utilizing the lounge.


The lounge is just how it is pictured on the site and I cannot say enough good things about the staff there.  They went out of the way to make sure everything was top notch, that anything folks needed was attended to and even arranged for some reservations at a local restaurant for us.  The food was very nice in the lounge, with rotating selections through the day.  They did have a nice selection of teas and a coffee machine there all day long. 


The one thing about this lounge being open all day is that around meal times it was very busy.  At other times it was very empty. This picture was taken around 830pm and as you can see there's just a few folks sitting around


The lobby offers some very nice seating and there is also a very nice fireplace just below the piano bar area.  It was very busy in the evenings and later in the afternoons but was a good place to relax earlier in the days.



Our rate included a full English breakfast in the JW Steakhouse.  It was a nice buffet style with a fair number of selections and also included a choice of fresh made waffles, pancakes or omelettes.   For the listed price of 29GBP, if you have access to the executive lounge you'll probably be just as happy there.  As it was included in our rate we made sure to enjoy the breakfast


We dined out each night at various amazing restaurants (post to come on that later) but did have a chance to check out the JW Steakhouse for lunch.  While certainly not the least expensive option we did enjoy our meal a great deal.  I cannot comment on their dinner options but if lunch was any indication I'm sure dinner would be quite nice.


Here is the JW Steakhouse bar.  There is also a nice seating area outside on Park Lane.


The dining room is very nice, can get a bit loud during breakfast but you can see some of their menu on the back wall


I ordered a Ruben sandwich with some fries.  I was expecting your standard sandwich and fries portions, instead they brought a big bowl of fries and 3 "halves" of a sandwich, then for good measure a small salad was brought out.  Needless to say I wasn't hungry after lunch and barely touched the fries and salad after the sandwich.  It was quite good and not greasy as Rubens can be sometimes.  My boss got the club sandwich and had the same portion sizes.  I swapped him a "half" for his club.  It was very good as well, so I can honestly recommend either if you have the chance.  Here's what my sandwich looked like. 

IMG_0105.JPG IMG_0106.JPGIMG_0107.JPG

And I would be crazy if I didn't mention these amazing rolls.  They were really good and crusted with sea salt....amazing.



The one different bit here from other hotels was the keys.  This property actually has keys.  They are RF instead of traditional keys but pretty cool. 




All in all it was a great hotel and great stay.  I now have a choice for sure when I'm in London.  I will say there are certainly some great dining options within a short walk from this property, which is a nice option.