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Children in Ritz Carlton Club Lounge - what do you think?

Question asked by bcalman on Nov 13, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2014 by bpelican

We were at the Ritz Carlton Club Level, working in our room, when we were interrupted by a VERY loud youngster in the club lounge across the hall from us. The noise continued for approximately 10 minutes (running feet, yelling). I'm no scrooge and this was 3pm but I'm WORKING here and the noise was driving me to distraction.


What would you do?


We tried the direct approach which was open the door and say to the father (politely) "We are trying to work here, could you please control your child or take him back to your room?" Which resulted in a response of "He's 3 year old, 17 days... what the hell do you expect me to do?" Our answer (again, no raised voice) "Control your child." Which resulted in yelling of "He's 3 years old, 17 days!!!" As though that was justification for anything.


What are the thoughts with this group? The RC-Club is normally about $200/night surcharge, which we normally happily pay for the service, food, quiet, etc. These children were no "unaccompanied" but "unsupervised".


We solved the problem by asking to be moved to a room no where near the club lounge.