Can Money Buy Happiness?

Discussion created by erc on Nov 10, 2014


Of course many of us would answer, "maybe it can't, but it's only fair to give me some and let me learn that lesson on my own".

Or - the proof that money can't buy happiness - Bill Gates was just as happy when he was worth $50 billion as he is today with $82 billion


A good, (if not lengthy) article. But here's my takeaway as it relates to Insiders - Experiences are worth more than you think.

Once again demonstrating that boomer Insiders are no different in that aspect than the beloved target audience millennial - we love our experiences.


The article highlights how experiences provide more lasting pleasure than material things, even tho people often deny themselves experiences and prioritize buying material goods in the belief that the good will last longer.


Studies showed that folks make a rational calculation that with a limited amount of money to "either go there" or "have this" they choose to "have this" in the miscalculation that they will "always have it". Factually true, but not psychologically true, since we adapt to our material goods with only a brief thrill. Whereas experiences meet more of our underlying psychological needs providing a greater sense of connection.


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