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Why haven't Elite Nights for VISA spending updated since September?

Question asked by suedonj on Nov 17, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2014 by mnmom1

This is a problem in my account but according to a thread on I'm not alone.  Has it been reported as a system error?


For all of us the issue appears to be the same - the September update was correct; Marriott Rewards Points were posted and then 1-2 days later the Elite Night total was updated.  For October and now November, the MRP's have posted but the Elite Nights remain the same as they were posted back in September.


I called the Plat Customer Service line last month and was told to "give it a few days to see if it updates."  I'd call again except that over on flyertalk folks are saying that they're being told to call Chase.  Can you please look into this and at least make sure that the number/person we're being told to call is prepared to deal with the issue?  Thanks.