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Details, details ... pet peeves...  or just a grumpy old man?

Question asked by ssindc on Nov 9, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2014 by tommo781

While enjoying the expansive (or should I say "commanding") view from the breakfast room at a New York Residence Inn (a hotel I enjoy and have stayed at a number of times), it dawns on me that I started the morning thinking like a grumpy old man....  Before 8:00, I was asking myself what they're teaching the next generation of hotel managers at Cornell these days?  Here were my top four early morning gripes - all of which seem easily avoidable....


  • A week after the clocks were set back, my automated wake-up call came an hour early.  (Yes, I should have known better!!! Last week - at the same hotel - I intentionally called the front desk rather than use the automated system because I was afraid this might happen - and it happened anyway.  To be clear - twice, in an 8-day period, this hotel woke me up an hour early!!!)
  • My reservation was for three people in the suite, I requested extra towels, and the room had extra towels.  Why then did the room have only a single (extremely small) container of shampoo?  (I know, I know - I should have noticed and dealt with this BEFORE I went to sleep, but....)
  • The rooms at this Rez Inn are spacious and comfortable.  There is a full bath tub and toilet in a separate room with a door (which is great - because you can use the toilet without turning on the light in the master bedroom).  But there is only a single (modest) towel rack above the toilet.  So - what are you supposed to do with your (large, excellent) towels after you shower?  No hook on the door.... no hook on the wall behind the door...  Anyway, it's impossible to be environmentally friendly and reuse (three) bath towels when you have to throw them on the floor after you use them....
  • No luggage rack....  Alas...


What say you?  Have I become a grumpy old man, or are these - and too many other  - easily corrected little things that kind of things that make you crazy?