Travel Kit - what's in yours that makes travel easier

Discussion created by zukracer on Nov 19, 2014
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I've constantly been working through the years to de-clutter my travel bag.  In the old days I would carry a long bit of network cable because wifi in the hotels or office was so bad.  After being stopped at pretty much every single TSA checkpoint with them wondering if I was carrying a bunch of primer cord (explosives) I decided I'd change up a bit.  I moved to using a DLink pocket router and basically creating my own small hidden wifi solution.  This worked great until office networks started shutting it down (thank you Cisco's intrusion detection goodies)  and finding folks trying to jump onto my wifi instead of the hotel's (dang hackers LOL) .  All of that is just down to a good ole cellular link or the hotel's access these days.  The one thing I've always had to deal with was cables.  Power cables, accessory cables, stupid random other cables.  I seem to have a mass of cables which also really give the old TSA folks some gas. 


What I have managed to do though is take two of those nifty little zipper bags that you get on the international flights and use them to sort out the cables.  I have a large battery that I can use to charge my phone or other USB powered devices.  Then I have 3-5 other cables that get neatly wrapped and placed in the bag.  My problem came with having the same 3-5 power blocks stuff in as well.  So I went in search and found what for the past few months has proven to be a great solution (for me anyway).  I got a power block that has 5 USB power ports.  It's not just any block, there are many on the market but this one has 40W of power, enough to charge anything.  It also has a built in converter so it will run on international power if you have the right plug into the wall.  Let me tell you it is great.  I plug in one plug, and we all know plugs can be scarce in hotel rooms at times, then I can plug in and charge all my devices. 


I got an Anker 40W 5 port Turbo USB power adapter.  The thing was about $25-30 range from Amazon and has completely transformed my travel kit.  No longer do I have random Apple or Samsung power blocks (that I've forgotten plenty of times) in hotel rooms.  Here it is, along with a picture along side my iPhone 4s for comparison.  20141118_155527.jpg20141118_155632.jpg


Just thought I'd share in case anyone else was having the same issues.  I love anything that helps remove the kit from the bag