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Overhead bins

Question asked by ks77 on Nov 7, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2014 by jerryl

Today United airlines posted on facebook a Jetiquette post that states: "Keeping your jacket with you helps us keep overhead bins free for larger items. Plus, you'll have it ready if you feel chilly."


Now I posted the below response:


"I would usually say "thanks Captain Obvious for that tip" However since a high percentage of flyers are too entitled to follow the endless announcements about it or are just plain rude people in general, this needs to be stated again. If anyone has flown to ORD/NYC in the winter knows that big puffy winter coats cause problems when morons put them in the overhead bin and others can't get their luggage in it because of it. It also slows down boarding which is already too slow most of the time."


I proceeded to receive this comment to my comment:

"Check your f ing back next time"

To which I replied,

"I know you aren't talking to me, if so you are one of the rude inconsiderate people I was referring to."

Another person then comments to that and says:

"Sorry I AM talking to you. Next time, check your bag. Or, you can hold my coat for me."

To which I said:

Bins are for luggage not coat storage. If I have one carry on it goes in the overhead bin. I will not check a standard rollaboard so you can jam your winter coat where it doesn't belong. Coats only go in AFTER the bags do."


To be clear, my belief is that standard rollaboard bags go in the bin. Then, and only then, if there is space, your coat or huge puffy bubble jacket can go in. I would love for everyone to weigh in so that I can get an idea on whether I am viewing the whole thing correctly of if I am the delusional one in this argument.


Please weigh in erc, profchiara, iahflyr, vaboywnder, kharada46