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Friday night in the Edgar bar and Cafe (as insidenji shared, named for J. Edgar Hoover) at the famous Mayflower Hotel, Insiders from all over America gathered for an fantastic get together, talking travel, making up stories about absentee Insiders, and discussing a whole variety of interesting topics. Since the communitymanagers did such a fabulous job of hosting the event, with several well thought out surprises, it's turned me into her 'cabana boy' and I will really have to man up to continue being a wiseguy (remember, I've already given up rabblerousing).
  Taking a double dose, booster shot of Low T juice, I mustered up a rundown of issues addressed through a haze of strong drink, generously provided along with wonderful appetizers, and great camaraderie. At least 6% of the following are true :
  BOGOs not reinstated  
PowerPoint showed few (as a % of world population) knew about them
   Certificates were immediately moved to Category 6, you can now use points to secure higher level properties or unicorns
  Concierge Lounges    (at participating hotels) will open on high floors, 24/7 serving free adult beverages

   Upgrades to corner rooms, suites, and fantastic views granted upon seeing your elite status (I.T. working on program)
  Courtyard lobby coffee will not return
Market research proved no one drank it once it was removed
  All Platinum Premiers with the exception of pingreeman shall receive guaranteed upgrades when using points
  Arne Sorenson, waiting for Godot/dejamo, answered every question from his Ask Arne contest  

  Badges awarded to attendees, (b.e. asked for two) 7 points credited to accounts (must be used in increments of 10)
   Aviation Geeks Unite thread laid to rest raised a glass to IAH , kharada, ks77, et al.
  Free parking - Survey ?'s proved it was not popular (Would you prefer free parking or rooms with beds and electricity?)
  The Greater Team
thanked Insiders for their insights and suggestions

  Ok, with that last bit of subversiveness out of the way, and so that Insiders don't think I was ungratefully biting the hand that fed us (and
  tonight literally),  
take a look at the marvelous evening CM took the effort and thought to plan for us.***

Security chief and 25 year Marriott man Jay W. was kind enough to carve out time to give us the "Deluxe V.I.P." tour
  Viewing the kitchen and meeting the chef who put together fantastic food items for us - I'd share pictures, but it would just break your heart
As you can see, President Obama dropped in as well
The Ercs, Jay W, bejacob, CMgr, the Plutos, Aron of Marriott Rewards Digital Media
First floor hallways - all areas came with great stories and tales, I'd share, but you can just read the book - oh, that's right, you didn't get a book
Several Inauguration balls and big time events held in their ballrooms
Jay had volumes of stories of historic events to share
bejacob and pluto brought gifts! - Ohio craft beer and California wine and seasonings - great stuff
The hotel gave us a Mayflower history book written by their former Director of Sales

   I want to thank the CM for attending and playing along. She and Aron (and Jay) were wonderful and gracious hosts and a delight to 'talk shop' with. As several of us have written before, we should never hold her responsible for corporate actions that we frequently rail against.
   The moderation team continues to do an excellent job of keeping the flow of information timely and useful (yours truly continued to hammer her about beating my mailman or paperboy when it comes to announcements, even while sipping my free beer - I'm so ashamed - naah ). I believe with her leadership and her team's ongoing efforts, the forum will only grow stronger and more valuable to travelers. It was a terrific evening, wish you were here.
I'm sure bejacob and pluto77 will have additional pictures and insights with a more reverential tone.   Keep on keepin' on Insiders.
  ***Line 16b paragraph 3 of the Terms and Conditions of Insiders Get Togethers clearly state that this is a one time event - you snooze, you lose, don't be coming to town looking for free handouts - that ship has sailed; so sayeth the fortunate ones .