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vacation club prospect

Question asked by dshell on Nov 16, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2015 by fschumpert

My wife and I are retired but are not world travelers.  We have a Marriott rewards card which is our primary charge card with about 300,000 pts.'s taken a few years to get those too.  We have friends who are what I believe is "premier plus" for life with 2.5 million rewards pts. and a hhalf dozen "timeshares" under the earlier Marriott system.  We travel with them from time to time and most recently spent 8 days in Fords Colony Williamsburg Va.  Love it!  Went to a presentation on the Vacation Club program and have a contract in hand ready to mail thereby joining the VC to the tune of an initial 3,500 VC pts., $36,400 plus $700 +/- closing costs.


I was reading on one of this websites pages reviews of the VC program (can't find the site again) and it seems many of the newly purchased VC owners and particularly, the owners under the earlier timeshare system are not happy.  Any advice to my wife and I before we mail the contract and deposit?  I did read where we should consider buying VC pt.s at the lowest rate i.e., $1,500 and then rent the points we need to travel in better style than we used to.