Promotional Emails Out of Date

Discussion created by wally3433 on Nov 4, 2014

Just received the Sieze your Megabonus promotional email that lists my number of nights stayed and current point total - but those are both off by about two months worth of activity.  Plus, I have already maxed out my Megabonus points.


Annoying - for sure, this has been going on for quite some time. 


Dissappointing - yes, because I would think Marriott is big and smart enough to be able to figure out how to link it's points database with an email database.


Complete Marketing Failure (CMF) - yes, because the exact thing they are promoting, is over with for me.  All it served for me is a reminder of all the MORE Megabonus points I could have earned if they did not cap it at 25,000 points.


Is any of this going to ruin my day - No - if this is the worst thing that happens today - it will be a good one!