Credit Card Hack/Scam Charge

Discussion created by iahflyr on Nov 5, 2014
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Insiders, watch for an unauthorized charge showing up on your credit cards for a small amount usually under $60.  Yep, my Marriott Visa bill came yesterday and show a charge from RUIJRD.COM CHENGDU that I did not recognize.  I called Chase and they immediately transferred me to Chase Security who closed out my account and issued a new account.  Seems it start with a call from a 016 number that I did not even answer. 


Here is a website I found when searching for the charge originator:


0163025275 ruijrd.com CHENGDU debited from my account RM310.97, Credit / Debit /ATM Card Fraud. Who called from this scam phone number? Comments & Reviews.

Be alert for this as they start small so catch it quick.