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Unsolicited Email: Marriott what were you thinking ???

Question asked by appletoe on Nov 4, 2014
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During times when so many companies are being hacked it has now become almost impossible to determine real email from spam or even worse. So what do you do, you distrust them. If I don’t know the sender or if the sender can’t prove it is from a reliable source, then as the Red Queen says "Off with its head".

(See the email at the end of this post.)

I have always made time to answer Marriott email and surveys about the hotels we have stayed at and the wonderful people that work at these places. I have signed up with Marriott to be sent other emails at their option. As long as the link goes to a Marriott web page or can prove it is not spam, I will respond. After receiving the email below I am seriously considering ending my participation with all Marriott partners.

Can anyone look at the email below and be sure it is not a computer hack of some type. It says it is associated with Marriott but anyone can say that. It says it wants feedback and has a link to a website no way associated with Marriott, red flag! Yea I will follow that link right after I take care of my long lost wealth cousin in Nigeria that needs my help getting money out of his country.

So I sent the email to Marriott customer support and after a couple of days they responded that yes this was a legit Marriott partner related email. YEA!, oh wait, too late CEB is already blocked.

In the future I will not be bothering the fine folk at Customer Support to ask if each email with the Marriott name in it, is really from Marriott, I will block the sender and be done with them. Just as a guess I will bet that the response rate for this survey is very very low. Marriott perhaps you should ask for your points back.

Sorry IT guys you really dropped the ball on this one. A very simple fix for this would be to use a link from a Marriott webpage or even a redirect from a Marriott webpage.

(Hello Marriott, you could charge for this redirect, heck you could even setup a partner page with links, now that would be useful.)


Here is the email I am ranting about:


From: CEB Customer Surveys []

Sent: Wednesday, October 29, 2014 1:15 PM

To: XXXXXXXXXXXXX Subject: Marriott International - Request for Customer Feedback

Marriott International and CEB, an independent research company, invite you to participate in a customer service survey designed to gauge your opinions on how to provide excellent customer service. Marriott is participating in the survey because we would like to know how our customers feel about these topics and find out what is important to them in terms of customer service. By completing this survey you can help us shape our future service offerings. This survey will take approximately five to ten minutes to complete. Your responses will only be used to analyze your opinions about different customer service offerings, so please be as candid and direct as possible. Click here to access the survey (available in English, Spanish, Chinese, German, and Arabic): Thank you in advance for your participation!


Privacy Statement –This is a one-time survey intended to provide us with valuable information to improve our customer relationships. CEB will collect data from you on behalf and under the instruction of Marriott by CEB. CEB may provide your individual responses, along with the results of the survey generated from individual responses, to Marriott.