Where Marriott is Headed - Millennials (duh)

Discussion created by erc on Nov 3, 2014
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Here's another nice article about Marriott's understandable strategy to "Woo the Millennial" through high tech, high touch lodging experiences.

jakeal, jm1991, kbscubadiver and kharada46 and others of the golden mean, please continue participating in Insiders, letting us know what you like, because that's where we're headed. I will want to get on the bandwagon and start liking it too - but see, this is why I warn you guys about getting all excited about badges - Marriott will see that it pleases you and think they have added a significant "enhancement" .

As many of us have written from both generations, it's no surprise that we share many of the same lodging desires (some variation in cost/benefit analysis, but we all want pleasant experiences and excellent service).

What caught my eye in the article, and something I have observed over the Sorenson era, is how Marriott appears to be moving more into being a 'pioneer' (Bill used to always say, "there's a lot of dead pioneers" as he guided the company toward enormous success through effective adaptation and execution). I must admit, Sorenson's strategy is working, as virtually all economic measurements are at record highs for the company - so we Insiders better improvise and adapt if we want to overcome (and by overcome, I mean optimize our travel experience against the industry leverage, not specifically against Marriott).

Extra credit assignment - read and you will be entered in a contest where you could win a free waffle at your next SpringHill stay.

This article discusses how companies are moving (some are already there) toward offering different prices at different web sites and/or to different customers. This combined with my observation above about Marriott being more aggressive about being an innovator, along with their already remarkable pricing algorithm (they can tell competitor prices by the property, by the day), somewhat frightens me, a deal seeker. I'm already starting to set up different computers to "Take on the Man" and his Marriott Matrix.

Keep on keepin' on Insiders, keep those ideas coming, when it comes to travel vs. the machine, we all hang together or we hang alone.