Vacation Club offers for platinum members...

Discussion created by tjt on Oct 24, 2014
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I'm just writing to ask you about the MVC policies in other parts of the world (than Europe). I've recently received the 'platinum executive' offer for a few nights stay in one of the Vacation Clubs, provided I would participate in the MVC membership presentation. Well, my wife and I decided that it is worth checking out. So I made the call and... was told I cannot redeem the offer as my wife is too young... (she's is 27, I'm 31). So I went through the T&Cs... yeap, age limit and income limit are stated there (the latter is not an issue).


You can imagine my disappointment... well, of course it's Marriott right to set T&Cs. No doubts about it. But at the same time the brand lost so much in my eyes... not to mention I must deal with the disappointment at home.


Right now I wonder... and that's my question as well, do you know if similar limitation exists in different parts of the world, or is it only an 'invention' of local, European office? Especially, as I remember that when we were in Thailand last year, the local MVC had absolutely no problems with offering us similar deals (shame we did not take them the