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My relationship with Atlanta Marriotts goes back to the mid-seventies when I used to travel as a young whipper for Marriott itself, parking myself in the Atlanta Perimeter Center. Between my variety of business trips, baseball tournaments, vacations, film festivals and family visits, I have been to more Atlanta Marriott brand properties than anywhere else in the world, even my hometown Washington DC. Atlanta is where I often get lost, because I think I know where I'm going.
  This trip took me to Buford, Ga. approximately one hour north of ATL for a visit with a cousin who is doing some fabulous work with an organization that provides a nurturing environment and loving home for children in need of guidance and a place to live.
Eagle Ranch 
     Beautiful environment for youngsters that with its lovely 276 acres
              and facilities could also pass as a top notch resort
  Usually my hangout, even when visiting family, is at the Buford/Georgia Mall SpringHill Suites, a fine property (often with great rates during Thanksgiving and Christmas weeks), close to the Georgia Mall, which houses several nice restaurants, like one of the first Ted's (as in Turner) Montana Grill and is close to Coolray Field home, of the Atlanta Braves AAA team. The surrounding area and towns have several nice Main Streets with shops, restaurants, and theaters, making it easy to keep oneself busy. Lake Lanier is nearby for a great time during the summer and they have minor league hockey (lots of 'dropping of the gloves' in the minors) and they used to have Arena Football (high scoring games, good with a local craft beer ). We had an excellent lunch at Aqua Bistro in downtown Buford  and on Sunday we tried out Top Golf (as shown on Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel). Golf's approach to broaden the appeal of the sport. Huge holes, pretty good pub type food, and of course, some tasty brew. Here's a tip, if you slice, play the tees to the far left and of course if you hook, play the tees on the right side of the platform (it'll drive your true golfing pals crazy as you rack up points into the 10-15 yard wide holes!
       20141026_135429_resized.jpg - yes, those are the holes - the girls crushed me

                  The food was at a good brewpub level

  One of the drawbacks of being so far north of course, is its distance from the airport, but turning lemons into lemonade, the 50 mile drive north made it easier to get to Athens Ga. home of the U of Ga. Bulldogs and that world renowned professor, world class gardener, Klingon linguist, and all around good guy, foxglove. That's right Insiders, I got to meet the man himself (second only to Herschel W. when it comes to street recognition among the citizens of Athens), along with Mrs. Foxglove at The Big Bread Cafe in Athens. Talk about your southern hospitality, Marriott could learn a few things about terrific welcomes from the Foxgloves, who rolled out the red carpet with U. of Ga. goodies, maps, and key info on the town of Athens, and as you can see from the photo, even a local Athens brew, Terrapin (delicious), yeah baby, great stuff and an overall wonderful time. PS - the breakfast was excellent as well.
Gracious hosts Mr. and Mrs. Foxglove made for a wonderful morning
                           and fabulous experience in Athens, Ga.
The worlds first/only double cannon. Built during Civil War to wipe out Yankee invaders by combining two cannonballs with a chain; the first trial shot failed, the second went off target, and the third and final shot messed up a farm and killed a poor cow in the wrong place at the wrong time. Never fired again.
    U of Ga.
stadium - home of one of America's top college football programs

The arch - Tradition has it that if a freshman passes under it, they won't graduate

       40 Watt Club - one of the venues for world famous Athens Indie Rock
                           (R.E.M. and B-52s for example)
Better even than collecting badges, I've had the great fortune of collecting Insider get togethers;

Hearing the tales of exotic travel from californian

Learning all of the best food spots from the island king himself Mr. and Mrs. kharada46

Having an enjoyable hangout with vaboywnder and Matt (whose real name is easier for me to remember)

and now a marvelous morning with the Foxgloves.

Next up, the Washington DC Insider get together with pluto77, bejacob and the head honcho herself, communitymanagers




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