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Any Marriott Rewards Insiders into Scuba Diving?

Question asked by kbscubadiver on Nov 1, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2014 by rshally

Im completely consumed by the sport of scuba diving...  Anyone else?  And the pics and videos are at the request of erc... ENJOY!!!



All footage shot by me and edited by me using iMovie or GoPro Studio...  All shot and uploaded in 1080p, be sure to change your youtube settings if the video looks blurry, just click the "gear" icon in the lower right of the video...


2 different moray eels in this one... I feed both of them lionfish


Key largo diving I stay at either the courtyard or Key Largo Bay Marriott when I dive here...


8 different dives in this one...








Me killing lionfish:



Stingray dive in Grand Cayman, march of 2014 while staying at the wonderful Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort:



Killing more lionfish in Jamaica:




My wife on the wreck of the Castor this september during the Goliath Grouper Aggregation, she is approximately 20 feet in front of them....These fish commonly grow to 900lbs +


Octopus at the Blue Heron Bridge in West Palm beach.  I dive here a lot and stay at a courtyard or the Marriot Singer Island Resort and Spa... Seriously one of the most beautiful Marriott properties in the world...



Wife with her iPhone in a Watershot Housing... Waterproof to 197' and take amazing underwater pictures... most of these pictures are taken with her iPhone or screen grabs from my go pro footage.



For more pics and videos follow me on youtube, twitter, and instagram "kbscubadiver"