Hotel review removed due to "Broken image concerns"

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This was the subject of  the email I got from Marriott earlier this week. Really? "Broken image concerns?" Last I looked the link to Flickr was working just fine and that link took anyone reading the review to amazing images of the hotel and the area. See for yourself: California 2014


No, the real problem was with the images I attached. See, the problem with being married to a photojournalist is they document everything with a camera so when the guests before us left their dirty dishes outside our door and they were still there over 24 hours later requiring a call to get them removed--my wife took a picture. When they removed them for our door, but then placed them in the room with the ice machine--my wife took a picture. When we woke up to enjoy coffee on our balcony and saw the pool area was trashed below us--my wife took a picture of it. (Believe me, as bad as this view was for us imagine what it must have been like for the restaurant guests who were poolside having breakfast.)


No, I don't think there were any concerns with broken images. The real concern was the damage done when you see for yourself just how poorly managed the Pier South Resort in Imperial Beach is. The real kicker? No member of their management team has ever contacted us and responded to our concerns instead Marriott protects them by removing my review.


As for my review of their hotel. I've put it back, but I removed the images they were so concerned about.


BTW, I have stayed 136 nights in a Marriott hotel this year. This was my first review.  I say this because while I should make a point to say something nice about the other Marriott hotels I stay at during the year, I must admit to only making time to say something about the one negative experience I've had. What's that old saying? Good customer service you tell 5 people and bad customer service you tell 25? I suppose that still rings true today.


Correction! Somewhere on this forum I did leave a positive review of the Courtyard Sandestin at Grand Boulevard. (Courtyard Sandestin at Grand Boulevard) We had a wonderful stay and will absolutely stay there again. Better yet, I would recommend it to anyone and for those people who want to complain about their slow elevator, take the stairs. Images from our triphttps://www.flickr.com/photos/justmephotos/sets/72157645740449533/here. As for San Diego, when we return, and we will, we will probably stay again at the Courtyard in the Gaslamp Quarter, downtown San Diego. What an amazing old building! Great service and conveniently located to everything we needed to get to. Find images from that trip here.