Resistance is futile - Marriott Wins Again

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   or in lodging (or least, no effective crying)'s Courtyard and Residence Inn Brands Rank Number One Among Business Travelers

Here's the meat of the results of the survey:


Every year, BTN asks business travel buyers to rate the hotel brands with which they conduct business. This year, Courtyard gained its spot at the top, ranked by surveyors as the number one hotel brand in the upscale tier. Courtyard was also ranked number one in most of the survey categories, used to determine the final ranking: arranging group travel, data quality, helpful/courteous service, physical appearance, public business amenities, in-room business amenities, overall price/value. Now whereas, it might ease our pain to think they mean surveyors, like George Washington, we know otherwise. Ms. Janice Milham (she played with us for awhile and apparently didn't like what she heard Seriously rethinking staying at Courtyards anymore )  is justifiably proud; after all, she's running a brand and it's ranked number one - not too shabby. A tip of the cap to Ms. Milham.

Like Ol' Man River, Marriott just keeps rollin' along
They must know something and sure enough, they don't say nuthin' (and they sure don't plant taters )

Insiders -
Marriott's a steamroller, baby.


We'd better stop our bellyaching, concede defeat, and continue sharing ideas about techniques, trips, restaurants, activities, misleading pricing traps, and good deals if we're ever going to (because currently, we're getting crushed).

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