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Help needed from anyone in the UK London area going to Son Antem in Mallorca

Question asked by sandyco on Oct 22, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2015 by cledders

My husband and I recently returned from a great week away at our home resort of Son Antem in Mallorca and bought some fab childrenswear presents for our grandchildren from a shop called FlaixKids in the pretty nearby town of Llucmajor 10 minutes away,

However on our return home we find that the electronic security tags have been left on two of the items - no alarm went off on exiting the shop!

Is there anyone who is going to Son Antem soon that could take these back for me and get the tags removed? I do of course have the receipt as proof of purchase.

We live in St Albans Hertfordshire and my husband works in London. We would be willing to bring the two items to you.

Here's hoping.