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7-Day Travel Package Question

Question asked by garylboynton on Oct 21, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2014 by erc

We're looking to use MRP for 7-day travel package for a 40th anniversary trip to Ireland.  In reading some of the posts on travel packages, we assumed it to be a good deal in obtaining 1st class air tickets.  After researching, we are wondering if our calculations are correct and are looking for input from experienced travel package users.


1.     Looking to use United from Dulles to Dublin in Sept/Oct of 2015; first class tix for 2 ppl.

2.     Preferred Marriott is a Category 8

3.     7-day Travel package for Cat 8 and 132,000 United airline miles would "cost" 360,000 MRP

4.     Amt of United miles required to purchase (2) 1st class tix would be 600,000


Are we correct in our calculation that we would need to request (5) of the 7-day travel packages just to obtain enough air miles (600K) to get (2) 1st class tix on United to Dublin ?  If our calculations are correct, we don't consider this to be the best use of our points.


Thank you in advance for your input !