Problems getting to site

Discussion created by profchiara on Oct 19, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2014 by erc

For the past week, I have been completely frustrated trying to get to the MRI site.  I have managed twice after multiple tries at the hotel site and at MRI directly.  All I get is a blank screen when I click one or the other.  I use Firefox, but no other sites are behaving this way.  It seems as if I have the patience to try 5-10 times I can usually get through, but I often don't have that patience.


I know some will ask technical aspects of what is happening so here it is -- I click the Marriott hotels site bookmark -- blank page; I click the MRI site -- sometimes I get to sign in, but when I click it it goes blank again.  Only by repeatedly doing both do I sometimes get through.


I may not be able to respond to suggestions if this continues. But is anyone else having similar problems?  This is not the usual problem of having to click through many different times to get to the actual MRI site.  It is the Blank Screen Problem.