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Post Platinum Status?

Question asked by wackman on Oct 21, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2014 by wackman

Many of us that take the time to be an Insider achieve Platinum status annually, or are already Lifetime Platinum (LP). I have just reached LP with 2MM points and >1000 nights with Marriott.  So, should there be a new category above Platinum? I am a Marriott guy for hotels and Delta for airlines.  Delta served up Diamond Status which was a full 50k miles greater than Platinum several years ago.  I think Marriott should follow suit.  Perhaps 1250 night stayed and 2.5MM points required to get there.  If this ever occurred, what should the perks be?  Perhaps a 100% point multiplier?  Free Marriott Credit Card that indicates the top status?  Free upgrades at Vacation Clubs?  Elimination of additional resort fees, parking, etc?  Company Stock? :-)   Wow... talk about Golden Handcuffs!!  What say you?


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