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Marriott Vacation Club "Sweepstakes"

Question asked by fschumpert on Oct 20, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2014 by fschumpert

Just wondering if any of you "Insiders", who are also Marriott Vacation Club owners (points or time share) have been enrolling daily in the site's "Reunion Sweepstakes" offering possibility of monthly prizes of 5 day, 4 night stay at Hilton Head, plus $5,000 allowance, along with grand prize to be awarded December 22?  Here's log in to MVC, with incentive for those who don't yet belong to this club: Marriott Vacation Club | Vacation Ownership Timeshare


Don't know how they determine monthly winners, or the grand prize recipient at year end, but if you're not participating you might want to log onto the site and enter each day to theoretically increase your chances to win.