Hertz offer is a RIP OFF! For Corporate Wasteland only.

Discussion created by wally3433 on Oct 17, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2014 by jm1991

Received an email today from Marriott Rewards "Limited Time - Big Savings and Points with Hertz".  Well, first off, this is the same offer that's been in place all year and maybe longer- 2,000-5,000 bonus points and 35% off Hertz's industry leading highest rate.


I have three upcoming trips, including rental cars.  I checked all three, and Hertz's discounted rates for this promotion is MORE than DOUBLE what I can pay at Budget/Alamo/Enterprise via Costco Travel (or other sites for that matter).  As an example, my trip next weekend is $186 for a three day rental with Hertz's 35% off rate vs. $70 with Budget on Costco Travel.  Both rates includes all taxes.  So, to get 5,000 bonus points, I would be paying $116, or 2.32 cents per point.  Can't you buy points on Marriott for 1.25 cents per point?  Seems like a waste of money.


If you are considering this promo and actually paying for the rental yourself - check other websites for competing car rental rates to calculate if it's worth it to rent from Hertz, because I guarantee you, Hertz will be nowhere near the cheapest option.


If the company you work for is paying for it, by all means, get on that yellow bus,  continue to waste your company's money for your own benefit and collect your bonus points!