Worst airports in the WORLD! (2014)

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Well I can only speak to one on the list but I totally agree with it being on there. LGA. What a dump. The only way to get there is to either drive (and if you park its super expensive), take an expensive car service or taxi (again its driving just someone else behind the wheel), or a really crappy bus. No subway, no train, no light rail. Now as far as the main terminal it is really lousy. Dark, dirty, and always crowded. The gate areas themselves are no better. Dark, lousy seating, and everything looks like it has a film on it and the carpeting is gross. There are no where near enough bathrooms, food choices, or anything desirable for that matter. The US Airways terminal is better but certainly nothing to write home about.


What does everyone think of the list?? 

iahflyr, kharada46, erc?


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