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Problem in my recent stay in Renaissance

Question asked by alexnjoo on Oct 16, 2014
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Hi all,

A newbie in Marriott Insider, just got promoted into Gold, had an eye for Platinum.

A business traveler, Accor Platinum, Hilton Honors Gold.

Have an "itch" to share my experience during one of my recent stay in Renaissance Istanbul.


Stayed for Exhibition in Istanbul for 8 days. Before going out, we prepare our empty bag and put it on concierge desk and get baggage tag for bag id.

Afterwards, we bought 16 small bottles of Mineral Water (330 ml), packed into 2 plastic bags, 1 bag of snack and stationary, in local Carrefour.

Upon back to hotel, all bags went through a security scanner and I got stopped. The security lady, show us sign "No Food and Beverage" to bring into hotel. I explained that all of them will not be brought into room, and I already prepared my bag in the concierge desk to carry all my stuff to Exhibition ground. Showed her the baggage tag, but she doesnt speak (or doest want to speak??) English. She called another person, and the person approach me and showed me "hotel policy".

Again, I explained, all of these bag will not brought to room, had prepared a bag to carry it away asap, showed the bag tag from concierge (again)

The guy just responded "no food and beverage" from outside, and the way he does it, like im stealing something from hotel. And all of these done in front of other hotel guests!

I decide not to argue, and prepare to let the bag outside... and the guy call me and said, QUOTE "This time, I let you go in... but this is will be LAST time. NEXT time, will not let you in".

Keep quiet, no argument, I get the bag from concierge and call the security lady, asking her to see that Im putting all of my stuff in the bag and carry it away from hotel WITHOUT going into my room. She just waived, and ignore me, making it look like that she doesnt care.


This brought me to this forum, Im soooo insulted by the way they remind the guest. As I mentioned earlier, I used to travel by Accor and Hilton group, only this year decide to go for Marriott, is this the policy of Marriott?? Bear in mind that Im not bringing KFC, Pizza hut, Subway or hot meals. Its just water and snacks, and it didnt even go to room and I showed my concierge bag tag more than twice. So to sum up my question;

1. Is it hotel policy to forbid bottled water and snacks to enter hotel?

2. Is it hotel security policy to warn guest in front of other guest?

3. Did anyone ever experience this kind of treatment.


After 3 nights stays (original prepaid booking) I decide not to extend my stay, and I move directly to Marriott Istanbul Sisli.

During check out, I made a complaint and received by Front Office Manager. He asked me why I didnt report this to him asap, and I dont want to make a scene and I dont want the staff to do anything "funny" during my stay. I didnt expect anything from the hotel, and Im so offended by the way the security "WARNED" me. The FOM arranged hotel car to take me to Istanbul Sisli Marriott, and he apologize for the mishap, he also asked me to write to him for this matter, promising me to do every possible way to make it up


To all of Insider,

Does anyone ever experience something like this?

Care to share your thoughts?

Am I posting into the right forum?


Thanks and regards