The Ebola watch thread

Discussion created by brightlybob on Oct 13, 2014
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With 2 confirmed Ebola cases caught outside East Africa, one in Spain, and the other Texas, both seemingly due to care-protocol breakdowns dealing with cases of travelling victims, I feel an Ebola thread where we can share information and progress against this menace is a good idea.


Please note this isn't a PANIC thread, but the slow march of Ebola is a legitimate travel issue which will effect all of those travelling over the next few weeks.


I'll kick off with United Kingdom precautions...


There will be Ebola scanning commencing next week at Heathrow and Gatwick airports and the Eurostar St. Pancras terminal on all passengers whose recent travel history involves Ebola effected regions of Africa. No other airports or stations are effected.


Obviously at this stage its unknown what delays this may cause, is selection to be carried out at the border, if so will this be by additional questioning of all arrivals? I assume so, and therefore it will lead to delays at the border