No more free i-net for Gold/Plat at Autograph, Ritz, & Quebec in 2015?

Discussion created by skiadcock on Oct 13, 2014
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I noticed the tiered wifi thread in Other Topics started earlier this year.  Something caught my eye & I asked 2 times for information/clarification of Marriott rep.  No response.  So thought I'd start a thread here in hopes that it will catch their eye or you all will respond & then maybe they'll respond.


Posted by Marriott rep:

"More details about general WiFi guidelines:


- All North American properties are moving toward a tiered internet structure along with upgrades to the infrastructure. The roll-out is planned throughout 2015 as individual hotel contracts with net providers expire and are moved to new providers.

- Tiered pricing allows guest to choose which level meets their needs: High Speed for checking email, updating status, browsing the web; Enhanced High Speed for downloading large files, video chat, music, streaming

- CY, FI, RI, TS, SH still have free high speed internet and will offer enhanced high speed internet for a daily fee

- Gold and Platinum receive Enhanced High Speed as a complimentary benefit at participating hotels

- Applies to up to three devices at CFRTS, up to six devices for full service

- Fees vary by hotel; set according to market conditions

- This move excludes the Autograph Collection, The Ritz-Carlton, and all properties in Quebec, Canada.

Note: Marriott encourages guests to always share their feedback with the hotel in question. They may take that information and use it for the basis of creating a new internet policy."


So to restate the question I asked in the other thread.  Does this mean Gold/Plats will no longer receive free i-net at Autograph Collections, Ritz Carltons & all properties in Quebec, or does it mean we'll only get standard speed at AC, RC, & PQ?  If so, why on both counts?  And for goodness sake, don't say it's due to local laws since we already get free i-net at AC, RC & PQ.

I thought I'd post here in hopes of getting clarification before starting a thread on Flyertalk