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On The Cheap Rewards Redemption Program

Question asked by housefishin on Oct 9, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2014 by erc

The entire " Rewards" program is tedious , convoluted

and difficult to navigate ....... Travel using " Redemption points "

is rarely available at the medium to top shelf properties .......

Of course , the bottom tier properties seem always to be available ?

Marriott is cheapening their entire program , I'm tired of it , last 4

times of my desired dates of travel and choice of hotels , of course ,

there was" nothing available " ,  seems like their standard response !!

Convenience , of  having so many properties , is the only reason to

use this " Rewards " card ,  more appropriately " Lack of Rewards " card  !!


Starwood and Hyatt seem like better choices , but have far  fewer hotels .....Poo