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Elites no longer have lounge access intl'y jan '15?

Question asked by skiadcock on Oct 8, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2015 by brightlybob

Thread on flyertalk day in a GM In the UK said a memo from corporate in September said elites will no longer have lounge access int'ly starting jam '15.


My response is bollocks.


Marriott would be insane to stop int'l lounge access especially given it's competitors offer it. For that matter they'd be insane to stop it domestically too.


There is the thought they may be switching to the Hilton model of you only get access if you get upgraded to exec lounge level, but one Marriott's competitive advantages over Hilton etc is you get access regardless.


Folk have already said if this true they've leaving Marriott for the other chains.


Again, they'd have to be nuts to institute something like this. Having said that....


So post your thoughts 're this and if you would jump ship. Of by chance it's true maybe Marriott will realize this is one downgrade too far for its elites.