Would you like to see Marriott make it easy to donate points to fundraisers?

Discussion created by perpetualguest on Oct 6, 2014

Every year I attend several fundraisers where all-inclusive trips to resorts are among the most popular live auction items. These donated trips raise thousands of dollars for schools and local organizations and I'd love if Marriott both made it easier to donate, and allowed for more flexibility in dates for the buyer. As it stands now, points can only be allotted to a specific reservation, so dates have to be specified and they are usually immutable. Furthermore, usually a single person has to donate points; if more than one person wants to donate points to a single trip, they need to submit their requests in writing in order to have points transferred.


I would love to see Marriott develop a system where a uniquely numbered gift account could be established, and interested donors could transfer points that could be auctioned off for resort stays - or even to build point reserves. (I'll cross the million point mark next week, but I wonder how I'll ever get to two million so I can be Platinum for life.) I might very well be tempted to buy a couple of hundred thousand points if it benefited a good cause.


Marriott does have established charities that we can donate to, but I'm thinking about giving more locally - to schools, community organizations and the like. Would this be something your community and favorite organizations could benefit from?