Jordi is the best!

Discussion created by calcteach on Oct 8, 2014
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I would like to nominate Jordi from the AC Marriott Victoria Suites in Barcelona Spain for the Spirit to Serve Award.  Unfortunately on our last night during our recent stay in Barcelona, my husband had his wallet stolen.  We had to cancel our Marriott visa card, we lost our cash etc.  After returning from the police department, Jordi offered to help.  We had planned to pay our bill using our Marriott visa card.  Jordi called Chase and my husband spoke with the fraud department and then handed the phone to Jordi again.  After a brief conversation with the fraud department, our new account number was faxed to the hotel and our bill was paid using our account.  Jordi was professional, calm and friendly.  After the incident and several hours at the police station, it was great to have someone smile and help us work things out.  We both were very relieved after Jordi handled the situation.  Thanks to Jordi things didn't seem so bad anymore!  We enjoyed our stay at the AC Marriott Victoria Suites in Barcelona.  It's in a quiet neighborhood with easy subway access.