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Aggressive/Rude Marriott Vacation Club Marketing/Sales Associates

Question asked by bpelican on Oct 8, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2014 by sea.doc

Below is a review that I recently submitted on the Marriott Harbour Lake property, a Marriott Vacation Club.  This is the latest saga in our experience with MVC Marketing/Sales Associates.  I cannot believe Marriott Vacation Club Executives tolerate this type of aggressive and downright rude behavior.  What do the Insiders thing?


"This property has it all.  We brought three of the Grandkids with us 9, 11, 13, and they all loved the place.  Great activities for all, especially the kids of all ages.  Soccer field, basketball courts, miniature golf, two pools with slides including a very big slide, foozball tables, pool tables, pirate ships in pools, fishing available, etc.  A professional staff of activity associates.  Restaurant on site with a wide variety of entrees.  First class exercise facility with a view of the pool.  Rooms with balconies on a lake.  All in all a great seven day experience.  THE ONLY NEGATIVE AND IT'S A BIG ONE:  The marketing/sales staff will not leave you alone.  They made three pre-visit phone calls and were told that we would not be interested in attending a sales presentation as we are Premier Plus MVC members and have bought up to our maximum.  They then assaulted my wife as we were checking in and ultimately gave her a "free" picture opportunity which was a total lie and wound up costing us $70.  They then called us every single day for five straight days while we were here.  This is not just annoying, it is harassment.  Do we have to take out a restraining order on these folks?  Is Marriott Vacation Club Management telling them to employ these tactics?  Someone needs to muzzle these folks, as although we loved this property, we will probably not come back due to their tactics!"