London Fine Dining! Enjoyable

Discussion created by jerrycoin on Oct 7, 2014
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Last week was a wonderful time to dine and shop in London! 


The weather was warm, no rain, and the hotel staff was spectacular.


Dinners were great and I recommend the following"


Two nights dining at The Ritz, not as expensive as you might think, figure about 100GBP for two.:


A server like Louis, makes the dinner special.  He is wonderful!


Ian Gomes, plays a wonderful piano.  He played for Frank Sinatra at his home, and is great!


Enjoy the Savoy, this place has wonderful food, and is a total pleasure to dine at.


This is the oldest place to dine in London, and it's very good.  Casual, but charming!


Claridges was ok, but the best part was the lobby picture of Winston Churchill!  An average dinner


Must say, The Oyster Bar at Harrods is so special.  What a place to relax!ndon