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So, Flashperks is over. What did we like folks?

Question asked by brightlybob on Oct 5, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2014 by iahflyr

The weekly Flashperks promo is over. No more sneak peaks here on MRI. No more having a quick shufti at the amazing variety of stuff you can redeem points for.


I think the most fascinating part was the tech stuff on sale. I never spend points on anything other than hotel stays, that's where there value is best, but some really high travel road warriors find spending on tech stuff a useful way to spend their burgeoning points balance. It's amazing what tech stuff is out there, who thinks of these gizmos? Did anyone here buy the ball control for iPod? And why?


So what's your favourite part of the flashperks promo? Do you want to see it return as a more permanent fixture?


As it's my question, I'll go first. To me Flashperks had 4 distinct parts:


1. Half price point redemptions with upgrade at 5 or 6 attractive leisure destinations (the flash bit).


This was the bit I liked and I was able to snag a half-points weekend in NYC at the Ritz for the end of this month. Result! At least one other was also of interest to me but sold out by the time I remembered to visit the site. I snooze, I lose!


2. 30% (typically) off certain rates at desirable hotels with added features thrown in (the perks bit).


These were all great value if you wanted the extras. I did seriously consider one, (afternoon tea break at Grosvenor House) but eventually decided against, and kept my cash in my wallet.


3. Half price redemption opportunities on shopping, mainly tech products.


Fascinating to look at, but never even remotely tempted me. At half price I suspect they represented a decent redemption opportunity, and they usually disappeared quickly.


4. Flight offers.


These appeared towards the end and seem to have been added as an afterthought. The offers were poor, and so were the least interesting part of the promo.


We know Marriott monitors this site and that our feedback does travel deeply into the bowels of corporate, and although we may think we have no influence I do believe this site is used as a litmus, why run it if Marriott simply intends to ignore it? So folks, have your say. Do you want Flashperks back? What was your favourite element?


For my part, I enjoyed the promo and I'd like to see it return as a permanent fixture with more focus on hotel point redemption opportunities.