The Marriott Bargains Thread... Post your special offers here

Discussion created by brightlybob on Oct 7, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2015 by aje5837

During the course of a thread relating to Flashperks jm1991  remarked that as a result of liking a Marriottl on Facebook, or retwittering on Twitter or instgramming on Instagram, he ended up recieving out of the blue a special offer for a SanFransico Marriott that was a great rate on good terms. So he took it.

Now if you're like me, and an internet pioneer from the early days (I was one of the first legal practices with my own website on the interwebthingy in 1997), but have kinda got lost in the social media, retattling FaceCrook instant-grannies, then this thread is for you.

And if you like nothing better than retwottering your grannies on the FaceMuck then it's for you too!

What we ( erc  and I, and many non Twitter-ers) would like to do is ask all you internet socialites to post onto this thread any worthwhile offers from Marriott hotels that you get as a result of your social actions (which by my reckoning would be another social action, not to mention an act of charity to those of us born before the invention of Pong in 1971) so that us less interweb-social, but nonetheless loyal Marriott interwebbers can get in on the action too.

So, how about it you millenniums. Make us GenX (or in erc's case, GenRabbleRouser) interweb-social-bargain-getters too!

So, just to clarify... Please post here any Marriott Bargains and special offers you find

GenX thanks you